TOAD Batting Tee


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The TOAD Tee is a batting tee developed exclusively for kids. The only kids tee that provides unparalleled stability, by utilizing our MotionTop ball perch and a 6 lb weighted base.  Gone are your days bending over to pick up a fallen tee. 

TOAD Tee's thoughtful design allows for more continuous swings, builds confidence, and keeps your kid smiling and falling in love with baseball.  

Why the TOAD Tee? Parents will often choose the colorful plastic tee for their kids first tee. You know what I'm talking about....The toy batting tee that falls over after every swing and ends up in the trash when your toddler actually starts playing T-Ball.  The Toad Tee is purpose built for ages 1-12.  We feel that you should buy one tee (one time) with kid friendly features that will last your kid from toddler to 6th grader. 


  • MotionTop™ - The MotionTop™ ball perch, is designed to instantly snap back into place with every swing.  The MotionTop™ takes he stress out of mishits and keeps the tee upright. Kids (and parents/coaches) can now spend more time hitting baseballs, and less time picking up a fallen tee! 
  • 6 lb weighted base - Ensures this tee stays planted and stable.
  • Height adjustable - Range of 19" to 29" will grow with your kids!  We've engineered the perfect adjustable range for kids aged 1-12.
  • Portable 2 piece design - Two piece design allows for easy transport and storage. The base simply unscrews from the stem in just a few turns.
  • Stainless steel design - Industrial stainless steel construction. We spared no expense, and designed this tee to last a lifetime and stay rust free.
  • Rubberized base - Protects your hardwood floors - when its cold in the winter and mom isn't home, we hit inside.  Oh yeah, It looks amazing too!
  • Versatile - An excellent gift, game-day tee, and backyard staple.
  • 3-Year Warranty